The Cornerstone Difference


We believe in an open fund offering where we can select the best of breed money managers to provide plan participants access to the highest quality investment options.

Plan compliance

We feel as a fiduciary of the plan that the compliance requirements of each individual plan must not only be met but also reviewed with the plan sponsor. Because we take a hands-on approach to this process we feel comfortable serving as a directed trustee along with the plan sponsor in 401(k) plans.

Service to plan sponsor

We feel that service is critical to the plan sponsor. Many of our clients do not want to be experts in the retirement planning area so they choose to partner with a team like ours to keep them informed and up to date on the status of the plan as well and the fiduciary responsibilities as the plan sponsor.

Service to plan participants

We feel that service is critical to the plan participants. In order for plan participants to be able to achieve the desired outcome from their retirement plan, they must have knowledge of the plan and its offerings. We meet with the employees at least annually to provide an update on the plan, the investments and to provide some financial, retirement, and investment training so they are informed and able to make good decisions to ensure they meet their personal retirement goals.


We have a competitive and flexible fee structure to ensure the plan meets the needs of the plan participants as well as the plan sponsor.