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Advisor's Dilemma

In the next 30 years advisors risk losing out on millions of dollars in assets under management as decedents take their parents/grandparent's money elsewhere!  

Do you have a solution to encourage the next generation of clients to stay?

We can help!  

Cornerstone can help you, the advisor, create a solution that will allow you to keep the client relationships with your investment firm, one that can be catered to each client and specific for their needs.  

We are a private trust company that works to help our clients plan and implement actions that allow them to transition their wealth through generations.  

There are multiple ways to accomplish this: 

Delegated/Directed Marketing Packet - a Trust that allows us to act as Trustee while you maintain investment authority

SD Dynasty Trust - a Trust that keeps the money safe from estate taxes and spendthrift

Domestic Asset Protection Trust - a Trust that allows protection from certain creditor claims

Trust Decanting - Moving a Trust to another Trust for more beneficial terms or corrections.  

Join us at Booth 1709

Join us at Booth 1709

We work with RIAs and other advisors for a team approach to make sure clients get what they need.  

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A few resources we have found helpful along the way may help you educate and better serve your clients.  

South Dakota vs. Minnesota Trust Laws

Steve Oshins' Domestic Asset Protection Trust State Rankings

Steve Oshins' Dynasty Trust State Rankings

Steve Oshins' Trust Decanting State Rankings

Steve Oshins' Non-Grantor Trust State Rankings

SD Standard Trust Language

MN Standard Trust Language